Admission & Tuition Fees

Registration Fee Monthy Fee Technology Fee/Book Fee
Pre-Kinder $500.00 $600.00 N/A
Kindergarten – 5th Grade $950.00 $705.00 $610.00/  360.00
6th – 12th Grade $990.00 $735.00 $710.00/ 460.00
 *ALL FEES are per student, per school year

• The admission fee includes the books, insurance, and the SAT exam. New students will pay a $100.00 for the entrance exam. The certification of immunization and the student health examination is required before the beginning of the school year.
• For students enrolling after the first day of school, all applicable fees are due when the student is accepted for enrollment.
• The tuition must be paid before the 5th of every month, from August through May. Payments received after the 5th will have a surcharge of $25.00.
• If tuition Monthly payments or Technology Fee are not up to date, your child will not be allowed in school premises. (No exceptions)
• There is a $25.00 dollar fee for returned checks for non-sufficient funds. Moreover, we will only accept payments made with cash, cashier check and/or money order thereafter.
• Admission fee will NOT BE RETURNED if your child is expelled or withdraws from our school.
• Post-dated checks cannot be accepted.