Curriculum Guides

Student progress is evaluated regularly through class work, home learning, projects, quizzes and tests. Teachers are given academic freedom in how subject matter is presented, and are encouraged to develop their own forms of assessment of the material, but are given instructional materials created by the publisher aligned with the textbook.

Curriculum Guides per Grade Level

Grade Curriculum Guide Grade Curriculum Guide
Kindergarten BJU Press Grade 7 BJU Press/ Positive Action: Route66
Grade 1 BJU Press Grade 8 BJU Press / Positive Action: Dynamic Christian Living
Grade 2 BJU Press Grade 9 Harcourt / Houghton Mifflin  / Positive Action: Inner Man
Grade 3 BJU Press Grade 10 Harcourt / Houghton Mifflin  / Positive Action: Christian Adventure
Grade 4 BJU Press Grade 11 Harcourt / Houghton Mifflin  / BJU Press: Biblical World View
Grade 5 BJU Press Grade 12 Harcourt / Houghton Mifflin / BJU Press: Biblical World View
Grade 6 BJU Press / Positive Action: Route66

Assessments are recorded on the Schoolworx Software via the internet. Schoolworx is an online school management platform, which provides communication between the school and home and records management.

Furthermore, parents are called for student achievement and lack there of. Parents are notified of student progress through Progress Reports midway through the quarter. Also, middle/high students in January/February meet with the school principal to discuss grades and academic goals.

To promote student achievement a Knights of Honor Quarterly Honor Roll Ceremony is held during the first Friday Chapel of the new quarter honoring all students that have achieved Principal’s Honor Roll and A-B Honor Roll.

Furthermore promoting the success and moral values of our students a Character Education Student of the Month Program recognizes students in Pre – Kindergarten through 12th grade. Throughout the school year character traits will be studied throughout the Bible Classes incorporating the trait through the study. Students will learn about the eight traits (cooperation, responsibility, citizenship, honesty, kindness, self-control, tolerance and respect) throughout the school year.