History of LPS

School History
Dr. Robert I. Wharton On September 20, 1971 La Progresiva Presbyterian School opened its doors for the first time in Miami, Florida. La Progresiva Presbyterian School was a prayer answered to the families of the Cuban community and the alumni of this school.
Originally, La Progresiva Presbyterian School was founded in the city of Cardenas, Cuba on November 11, 1900, by a generous North American missionary, Dr. Robert I. Wharton. The school grew and developed over the years and became one of the most prestigious schools in Cuba. However, when the communists took over Cuba, La Progresiva Presbyterian School became one more victim of the nefarious communist regime. La Progresiva School was intervened in 1961.

Reverend Martin AnorgaAlthough the communist took over buildings and all the properties of our school, they were not able to extinguish the spirit and the ideals of La Progresiva. Exactly ten years later, in the City of Miami, La Progresiva Presbyterian School emerged again as an answer to the prayers and the effort of The First Spanish United Presbyterian Church and the Cardenas, Cuba Association of Alumni of La Progresiva, led by Reverend Martin Anorga.
Moreover, reverends both, past and present have all collaborated with the success of the school. The school has been a result of blessings that our Lord has bestowed on the school. At the same time over the years, the Lord has given, many workers who have been good and faithful stewards of God’s blessings.

There has been a common denominator that has united the effort and sacrifice of those who have made the success of La Progresiva Presbyterian School possible. That common denominator is: “God’s faithfulness and love for his people that grow to seek and know his face and righteousness.”