School Belief

La Progresiva Presbyterian School for decades has facilitated many graduates to reach their dreams of becoming strong Christian leaders in their community providing many with a testimony of academic rigor and the love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Many students have since pursued higher education, as the direct result of the high academic standards recognized by the philosophy and vision of the schools’ founder’s Reverend Anorga here in Miami, Florida and that of Dr. Wharton in Cardenas, Cuba.

La Progresiva Presbyterian School’s belief is that we must teach students in today’s complex, humanistic and materialistic societal environment focusing on the spiritual, intellectual, socio-emotional and cultural areas :

• That the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and the only reliable guide for living.
• That Jesus Christ is the only hope of salvation, and that each person must be born again by the Spirit of God to enter into fellowship with God.
• That truth is taught in all areas of the curriculum must be based on biblical truth to achieve true understanding and wisdom.
• To think clearly, analytically, logically, and critically.
• To express himself orally and in writing in an accurate and clear manner.
• To exhibit Christian graces such as honesty, kindness, and courtesy toward others.
• To fulfill personal responsibilities.
• To develop understanding of and readiness to assume the responsibilities of productive citizenship.
• To recognize the particular abilities and limitations that are God-given, and to come to appropriate life-orienting decisions concerning education and vocation.
• To exercise constructive leadership.
• To appreciate the fine arts, learn to express his/her own creative skills.
• To exercise discernment and discretion in wholesome physical and mental recreation.
• To develop a lifelong love of learning.
• To value intangible ideals such as loyalty, truthfulness, submissiveness to authority and purity, which are lightly valued in a secular world.
• To recognize the personal imperative of evangelism and missions worldwide.
• To appreciate our American heritage, and attain awareness of the problems facing our nation today.
• To realize the responsibility that the Christian has to share the Gospel with the world around him.