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Junior/Senior College and Career Discussion – _________day, September ______________________
Parent Meeting PPT – Wednesday, June 5, 2015

LPS Academic Polices and Guidance Planning 2015 – 2016.
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Important links for our OUTSTANDING AND INFORMED parents!

This resource is available to our students.  School academic policies are explained so students and parents will understand the school’s expectations regarding academic integrity and graduation requirements.  Please read this resource and become familiar with it. Additionally, this guide has a college planning timeline to assist you with your future plans.

College Planning
Seniors and parents of seniors… please email me to make an appointment regarding your student’s goals and status of said goals.  Your student MUST take the next SAT and/or ACT test offered.  For test dates and locations please visit:

La Progresiva School Office
305 – 642-2169 (fax)